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James Dick, CPCU, AAI

About James Dick, CPCU, AAI

James is a licensed Property and Casualty broker working as Sales Manager for all of Merriam’s insurance programs. He and his wife love to travel and eat foods from around the world. James holds a BA in Classics from Washington and Lee University.

Sales Manager
Schenectady, NY

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Tree Trimming: Why It’s So Important

Would you leave the floor of your store covered in debris or slick with oil? Of course not! All of us know intuitively that people walking through the store do not expect to encounter these hazards, and could easily injure themselves. How would you react if you walked into the...

Do you own an older building?

If you answered YES, there is some important information you should know. In most parts of the United States, buildings are older than the people who use them. Right around the corner from my apartment in Schenectady, NY is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in the country, known as...

Help from the Handyman: What to Watch For

What happens if your inn’s handyman causes an unnoticed water leak in your walls, causing the growth of a fungus? What if a guest bumps into his ladder and both are injured in the resulting fall? What if he turns out to be a terrible handyman and the roof you...

Want to use a drone for your next event?

What happens if the drone malfunctions mid-flight and damages overhead wires or a building? What if it injures a spectator while landing? What if someone alleges you invaded their privacy? All of these issues can potentially be protected by your insurance policy—but you need to ask permission. We’ve approached some...

Protecting your Work Camper while they are on the job

What happens if a Work Camper is seriously injured? Work Campers are wonderful people who are extremely integral to the operations of many parks. They provide valuable services without the cost of an employee. But what happens if a work camper is seriously injured? What if someone has their hand...

Careful on the stairs!

Handrails to Prevent Lawsuits Several of the inns we serve are beautiful historic mansions. Many times the custom-built architecture from the past does not include a key component of inn safety – handrails on all of the steps. While this may seem like a small item, in the minds of insurance...