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Jennifer Holt

About Jennifer Holt

Jennifer Holt is a graduate of the Sage College of Albany with a Bachelor’s Degree in Crime & Justice Policy. She is a licensed insurance broker currently managing our Service Team and Professional Liability departments. With a specialty in coverage and issues for real estate professionals she also serves as the underwriter for our title agent book of business. Outside of work, Jennifer cherishes the time spent with her three boys and her baby girl.

Service Team Manager
Schenectady, NY

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Are my Independent Contractors covered?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked when preparing quotes for E&O insurance. My answer is always the same: “we must look at the policy form to see how your carrier covers Independent Contractors.” More often than not, E&O insurance coverage is usually extended to the...

Introducing the Title Industry Protector

Over the last twenty years we have seen many changes in the title E&O marketplace. As an independent insurance broker, we have worked with many different carriers to find the best product for our clients. As companies entered and exited the market, we found different nuances in policy forms that...