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Few people seek friendship with a car salesman... but that's neither the reason I entered nor exited the car business. Today, many people refer to me by a number of titles, one of which is insurance salesman, but the title only covers one small aspect of my roles. I hope I'm able to bring honor to each role I fulfill – husband, father, elder, teacher, facilitator, mentor, woodworker, fisherman, and more.

Expertise. For over 30 years, I've been blessed with diverse experience and many opportunities to listen and develop solutions to meet my clients' goals. I enjoy serving non-profit organizations as a risk management consultant and insurance broker.

Partnership. Partnership with our clients is founded on award-winning service, eduction and solid risk management expertise. Many clients think of our team as an extension of their own staff, providing insight, guidance and insurance brokerage services. It is a privilege to be recognized as a valued partner in helping our partner-clients achieve their risk management and financial goals.

Education. I’m fortunate to interact with great leaders as I teach about insurance and risk management... a normally-tedious topic which we seek to liven up through interactivity, discussion, and real-life examples. We bring a national perspective to the discussion to ensure relevance and practical application. In our seminars and discussions, we promote a wholistic risk management philosophy with practical steps for each person to take back and implement.

I welcome any questions you might have. I would enjoy the opportunity to chat on the phone about your goals, speak with your board about their role in risk management, facilitate staff workshop, or explore whether it might make sense for the Merriam Agency to be your insurance broker.

• Insurance for Non-Profit and Social Service Organizations
• Cyber, D&O, & Employment Practices Liability
• Professional Liability & Medical Malpractice
• Unique & Hard-To-Insure Risks

Branch Manager:
Colorado Springs, CO

(719) 488-3206 Direct

Fall is just around the corner

I love autumn. The crisp apples in late August remind me that the leaves will be changing soon. Along with the beauty of the seasons, we must ensure a safe environment where we live and work, so that there are no injuries and we can enjoy the beautiful weather. This...

Broker vs. Computer

I am seeing more articles about the rise of the machines in the insurance industry. Every year, someone is introducing the technology that will replace insurance agents. After I am often asked, “what do you provide that a computer (or competitor) does not?” When the personal computer came out, many...


I love pruning trees & shrubs. Once I get started, I’ll keep going until my blisters have blisters, leaving my hands sore and tired for days. Regardless, the satisfaction of whipping nature into submission is inexplicable. My first real pruning efforts were not appreciated. I pruned the top 10 feet...

How to Get Your Experience Mod Worksheet

Your Experience Modification Worksheet provides critical calculation info for underwriters. The worksheet allows them to get a quick glance at the riskiness of your organization. NCCI (the National Council on Compensation Insurance) manages the Workers Compensation details in most states. A few states (see map) operate their own independent bureau....

Leak Prevention

Attention to water leaks always gets the highest priority in my house. I would rather stop a leak than pay for damage caused by one. The most common leaks originate at roof openings for vent stacks, chimneys, skylights, or other similar items protruding through the surface. Grab a ladder, someone to cheer you on and go fix that leak.

Wheelin’ In the Wild West!

Colorado is full of opportunities to take a vehicle off-road. Once a Jeep owner proudly proclaimed that if he couldn’t make it up a snow-packed road, no one could. In the next few moments, my family and I zipped by in our Subaru Forester equipped only with studded snow tires. I grew up in Pittsfield, Mass and pride myself on being a great driver, not necessarily a “wheeler.”