Two Tips to Avoid Water Flooding Your Home

Do you know of someone who had water gushing into their house, damaging the floors, furniture, and electronics? Or maybe someone who returned from a weekend away, only to find their basement full of water? Has this happened to you?

It is possible if you aren’t prepared.

In just a few minutes, water can permanently damage electronics; in a few hours, it can permanently damage floors and walls; and, if several days go by with water pouring into the building, your home may become uninhabitable.

These two simple steps can make a significant difference in protecting your home from water damage:

  1. Replace the rubber hose that connects your washing machine to the water line with a braided steel hose. Unfortunately, water pipes and water hoses wear out and break without notice—and if you are not there to plug the hole and frantically call a plumber, you could have literally a ton of water in your home or apartment. Unlike rubber, a steel hose will not dry out, thereby eliminating unexpected cracking, which can cause water to pour unrestrained into your house. Also consider: Do you know how old the water pipes and hoses are in your residence? Do you know if they have been thoroughly inspected recently? Keeping them up-to-date helps prevent a flooded home.
  2. Whenever you leave your house for more than a day, turn off the main water supply to your home. Typically, there is a lever on the pipe where water enters your home that can be manually turned off. If you do not have such a lever, a plumber would be able to install one in a few hours. Even if a pipe breaks, this preventative step will greatly reduce the water damage, because water will not be pouring into your broken pipe from a water main.

Piped water in our houses is a wonderful convenience—but it comes with an additional hazard that should not be ignored. By making a plan, you will greatly reduce the likelihood of a personal catastrophe.

James Dick, CPCU, AAI

James Dick, CPCU, AAI

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