Liability of Serving Champagne

Do you include wine in romantic packages? What about welcome champagne? While these can greatly enhance the guests’ experience when done correctly, they can also provide a surprising liability issue for inns. For example, a guest consumes the glass of champagne and then has an automobile accident later that evening....

Driving Large Vehicles Safely

“Power lines, roof eaves, and small cars.” One executive director lost no time in describing what donation pick-up drivers need to watch out for. “How do you think I knew that?” he asked, “because they’ve all happened to me!” My observations confirm the executive director’s experience. One of the most frequent claims to come across my desk is a box truck or 15 passenger van hitting another vehicle or building. While the damage is often minor, the costs paid by the insurance company are generally

Directors and Officers Insurance

There are some things of which you should be aware. Does your organization have a Board of Directors or Senior Executives that help provide direction, influence decision-making and help craft policy? Are you on such a board? By participating in such a capacity, somebody becomes personally liable for decisions that...

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Same-Sex Marriages, Domestic Partnerships, and COBRA

June marked the anniversaries of two noteworthy United States Supreme Court decisions concerning same-sex American couples. On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court held in United States v. Windsor that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act—which provided that only opposite-sex individuals could be recognized as married “spouses” for...

Tree Trimming: Why It’s So Important

Would you leave the floor of your store covered in debris or slick with oil? Of course not! All of us know intuitively that people walking through the store do not expect to encounter these hazards, and could easily injure themselves. How would you react if you walked into the...

Broker vs. Computer

I am seeing more articles about the rise of the machines in the insurance industry. Every year, someone is introducing the technology that will replace insurance agents. After I am often asked, “what do you provide that a computer (or competitor) does not?” When the personal computer came out, many...