Safeguard Your Home Against Falls

All age groups carry risks for fall-related injuries, but those who are 65 and older hold the greatest risk. Click here for some great tips on how to minimize potential fall hazards. Article courtesy of Odessa American.

Larry Graber, Union Gospel Mission, St. Paul, MN

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Avoiding 5 Common Injuries

It is difficult to eliminate the possibility of all accidents, but a few moments of awareness education, along with diligent planning and follow-through will certainly reduce their likelihood! 1. Wet Floors: Whether from melting snow or ice, rain, or everyday spills, wet floors always pose a hazard. Have plenty of "wet floor" signs available. Make sure that every employee understands their responsibilities for ensuring that all surfaces are kept safe and dry.

Alexander D. Phillips, Esq., Island Abstract Inc.

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Rev. N. Bradley Jones, Christ Church

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Rosemary A. Taylor, YWCA

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John E. Bryan III, Brother Bryan Mission

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Cheryl Blais, The Maples at Warner

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