John E. Bryan III, Brother Bryan Mission

“I want to thank you for the work you and your staff have done to provide our mission with an excellent insurance portfolio. The coverage you obtained for us is not only more applicable than what we had, but provides more coverage at a much lower cost. Our only regret...

Cheryl Blais, The Maples at Warner

“In times when great customer service is expected, it is seldom presented or embraced. Merriam Insurance is the exception. Any agent can sell me a policy, however you sold me your business and proved to me that Merriam will be there for me at all times.”

Stephen Thompson, Thompson Land Services, Inc.

“Through an exhaustive effort, the professional liability management went above and beyond what was normally expected, in finding an insurer that met our needs, without which, our agency could not continue to conduct business.”

Bill Simms, Pueblo Rescue Mission

“I have been on thousands of appointments with agents and their clients. It’s not often that I have been with agents who are as knowledgeable, personable and professional. Thank you for the service you provide.”

Ronald Mackey, Camp Director, Deerfoot Lodge

“This was the best organizational decision I’ve made all year! Our coverage and premiums have greatly improved. The greatest benefit, however, is having someone to call when I have questions.”

Nick Ringger, Alaska Bible College

“I would like to commend you on the way you helped me navigate the confusing arena of insurance. Your patience and clear explanations quickly sold me on Merriam Insurance. Without a doubt my best experience dealing with the insurance industry. Keep up the great work!”

Controlling Health Insurance Costs

Despite the declarations of politicians, statistics show the cost of health insurance continuing to rise dramatically. Newton’s third law of physics, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” applies in economics as well as physics. As our government continues to make “free services” available along with reducing payments, the costs are showing up in other areas. Quite simply, insurers are passing along the cost to the person who writes the checks. “Value-Based Purchasing” (kind-of a reverse version of pay-for-performance) and “Reduced Payments for Hospital Readmissions” are the two most

Bill Minchin, Pastor of Business Administration

“Our relationship with The Merriam Agency is a special one, in that it goes well beyond that of a typical business relationship. We view The Merriam Agency as both a friend and a partner in ministry with Grace Fellowship. The Merriam Agency has consistency demonstrated a genuine sense of care...