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Merriam Insurance is an award-winning, full-service insurance agency, providing commercial, personal, and health insurance, as well as employee benefits. By working with clients across the country through our offices in Schenectady, North Creek, and Ravena, New York, as well as in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, Merriam Insurance recognizes the national trends and helps you prepare for potential threats.

Through our systematic approach to evaluating your risk management and insurance, we ensure that all bases are covered and that your risks are properly underwritten. We show you the “must-haves” and present any options that make sense to consider. Additionally, our network of providers is so extensive that we can get risk personnel on the ground quickly . . . all to make sure that you are back up and running in the event of a loss.

Whether you are looking for automobile or homeowner’s insurance, personal or professional liability insurance, a risk management consultation, or even employee benefits, contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. You’ll be glad you did.

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    Tips for Safe Outdoor Adventures

    This season millions of Americans will head outside to camp, kayak, hike, and bike. To ensure that you maximize your valuable leisure time, here are 5 tips to recreate safely for the whole season. Plan Ahead and Prepare. Knowing where you’re going to hike, paddle, or bike is just the beginning. There are many other factors to consider. How are the bugs during the day you’ll be outside? Are there any trails that are closed? What animals might you encounter, and what precautions can you take to safely enjoy their presence? These, and other questions, can usually be answered by the local land management agency (The National Park Service, local rangers, etc.) or by a reputable outfitter. Buy or Rent the Proper Equipment. Every outdoor activity requires proper gear. Basics such as a map, water bottle, and appropriate clothing are essential. Other activity-specific gear (such as a headlamp for longer day hikes) is often required as well. Visit your local outdoor supply store to get advice about what to purchase, or contact a reputable outfitter near your trip location to rent the necessary items. Check the Weather. This may seem simple, but weather patterns often change quickly. Knowing what to expect will help ensure you and your family remain dry, warm, and comfortable. Be sure to check more than just the percentage chance of rain the day of your trip. Wind, temperature, humidity, and time of day also play a role. Tell Someone Where You Are Going. Providing a trusted [...]

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    The Importance of Practicing Exercise Safety

    The Importance of Practicing Exercise Safety A noted neurologist recently said that exercise is as important to you as chemotherapy is for someone who has cancer. If we don’t exercise we will likely die early, and have a greater number of functional deficits. Whoa! I might also want to add that we need to practice exercise safety, in order to avoid injury to ourselves. Here are a few safety tips for those who are planning to start a safe and sustainable exercise routine. First, be sure your doctor knows you are planning to start an exercise routine as well as the type of exercise you are considering. He knows your medical history and can offer guidance specific to you. When first beginning an exercise start out slowly, and gradually increase the intensity over time. Always start with a warm up consisting of stretching and actively warming up all your major muscle groups for five to ten minutes. Please learn to listen to your body, as training too hard can cause increased pain, discouragement, and even harm. You should never experience pain during exercise and should stop if you do. Delayed muscle soreness usually starts 12–24 hours after exercise and lessens gradually in a day or two. Pain that starts during exercise and lasts for more than a week should be discussed with your medical professional immediately. Over the course of your exercise routine, you will want to address posture, flexibility, balance, endurance and strength. There are a lot of good [...]

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    The Ultimate Guide to Spring-Cleaning Safety

    The Ultimate Guide to Spring-Cleaning Safety It’s that time of year again, when the flowers bloom and the birds begin to sing. But perhaps less exciting, it’s also the time of year when people perform spring-cleaning chores and eliminate the clutter that has accumulated during the winter months. To ensure you and your family remain safe throughout the year, Merriam Insurance recommends you follow these tips while you are performing your spring-cleaning chores: Maintain Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors. Replace the batteries in all detectors and ensure all hard-wired detectors are properly connected. Replace Flashlight Batteries. In many areas, springtime means thunderstorms. Make sure all your flashlights have fresh batteries in case of a power outage. Inspect Fire Extinguishers. Ensure that all extinguishers are in their correct locations, are visible and accessible, and that their gauges or pressure indicators are in the green zone. Check Household Chemicals. Inspect your cleaning supplies and other household chemicals to check for leaking containers and things you no longer use or need. Be sure to dispose of outdated hazardous chemicals properly. Inventory Medicine Cabinets. Take stock of everything in your medicine cabinets and properly dispose of any outdated prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. Update First Aid Kits. While you’re checking your medicine cabinets, go a step further and examine your first aid kits. Properly dispose of anything that is outdated and restock things that are running low or are depleted. Develop a Family Emergency Plan. Every household should have a family emergency plan in place. [...]

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