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    Holiday Parties: Is Your Company Protected?

    It is once again the holiday season, a time when many companies choose to host holiday parties and charity events. While these gatherings can provide opportunities for your employees and their guests to mingle casually and revel in the spirit of the holidays, they can also prove to be a liability for you and your company. That is why it is important that you take reasonable precautions to minimize risk and financially protect yourself through proper insurance coverage. The United States Department of Labor states that hosting a holiday party with improper use of alcohol can make your company more vulnerable to liability under Workers’ Compensation or other laws. When you host a holiday party and serve alcohol as part of the festivities, liquor liability can be covered by your Commercial General Liability policy. However, it is always best to check with your insurance agent or broker first, to make sure this coverage is specifically included. If you are a company without a liquor license that does not serve alcohol, you may not need a Liquor Liability policy. We strongly recommend you discuss the specific serving practices, whether by staff or by the guests themselves, with a trusted insurance advisor, to make sure you have the protection you want for this activity. In addition to a Commercial General Liability policy, businesses should also consider purchasing an Employment Practices Liability policy. This policy will protect your company from claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, emotional distress, and other workplace-related issues. When purchasing this [...]

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    Avoiding 5 Common Injuries

    It is difficult to eliminate the possibility of all accidents and subsequent injuries, but a few moments of awareness education, along with diligent planning and follow-through will certainly reduce their likelihood. 1. Wet Floors. Whether from melting snow or ice, rain, or everyday spills, wet floors always pose a hazard. If you operate a business, make sure that every employee understands their responsibilities for ensuring that all surfaces are kept safe and dry. 2. Uneven/Cracked Sidewalks. Periodically check the sidewalks around your facilities for potential hazards. Undertake needed repairs as quickly as possible. While waiting for repairs, either clearly identify known hazards, or create alternate traffic patterns in order to ensure safety. 3. Power Cords, Tools, and Toys. Sometimes the everyday items in our environment can be the most dangerous. Should power cords need to stretch across walkways, cover them with appropriate cord covers or mats. Keep all tools, clothing, kid's toys, and other items well-organized and out of known passageways. 4. Stairs and Railings. If not already in place, consider adding non-slip covers to your stairs. This will help to reduce or eliminate potential accidents. Should stair railings appear loose, they need to be tightly re-secured to their mounts. 5. Rugs and Carpets. When rugs become worn, their corners often bend. Sometimes these edges can be nailed down. Small tears in carpets are also a hazard, especially for individuals using canes, crutches and wheelchairs. They are a special hazard for young children as well. Repair or replace worn carpets regularly. [...]

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    How Changes May Affect Your Insurance Premiums

    Keeping up with customer needs is one of the most important parts of a service team’s job. Our service team has decades of combined experience and compassion for our clients' business and personal needs. Helping you, the client, through changes is part of our daily work. Be it a simple policy change or complex business restructuring, we are here to make your experience a positive and easy transition. Sometimes you may experience change, and it either did not need to involve us or you did not think the small change would make a difference in your insurance coverage. Whether we are servicing a personal lines client, commercial business or not-for-profit, there are several areas which would indeed make a difference but are often overlooked by our clients. Such areas include: Commercial Lines Change in business operations Opening, closing or changing locations Key employee or organization contact changes Building updates, security or sprinkler system additions Driver changes Building additions or improvements New or upgraded equipment purchase/lease Loan payoffs Changes to additional insureds listed on the policy Personal Lines Contact phone numbers/mailing address changes Vehicle purchase/sale Driver additions or status changes (i.e. students away at school) Vehicle or home loan payoffs Vehicle use changes/miles to & from work Gifts, purchase or lease of jewelry, fine arts, musical instruments etc. Life & Health Benefits Home purchase Family growth/birth of a child Marriage/divorce Children starting college Informing our service team of small changes could make a big difference in how we are able to [...]

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    How to Buy Car Insurance

    “Yes, is this the insurance agency? I need car insurance. The cheapest you have!” For many people, the monthly premium is the most important factor in choosing car insurance. They may try to pay attention to having "good coverage," but often are not sure what that means, and end up paying the most attention to what is most straight-forward: the monthly cost. While one should absolutely search out a fair price, there are other important items to also consider when shopping for car insurance. Here are a few of the most important matters: Premium. This is what you pay each month. Problem Solver. When there is a problem with your insurance, who is going to solve that problem? Will there be additional fees? Will they be accessible? Ease of Solving Problems. Some insurance companies are easier to work with than others. Claims Service. When you have an incident, will you receive a quick response and fair treatment? Coverage. This can be complex. We recommend you contact a Merriam Insurance representative to learn more. Stability. Over time, how stable will your premium pricing and service remain? Remember, Merriam Insurance recommends that before you purchase car insurance, you ask the insurance agent about all six of the items listed above, and not just about the monthly premium. How to Buy Car Insurance

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    Joyfully Serving our Clients, Coast to Coast

    The Merriam Insurance Agency is headquartered in the beautiful and historic city of Schenectady, New York. While our main office is located in upstate New York, we are honored to provide complete, accurate and timely service to all of our clients across the United States. Each of our customers have a dedicated Account Representative assigned to service their insurance needs, but in a pinch, any member of our Service Team can assist anyone at any time. Our Service Team, under the management of Jennifer Holt, has grown to include a multitude of talent, with educated, cross-trained individuals who possess over 60 years of combined experience. With a variety of contact means available, our Service Team is creative in responding to clients who are located in any time zone. We are accessible by phone, email, social media and even have a chat feature available on our website. You can expect all phone calls, voice mail, and emails to be returned within 24 hours. Please visit our website to find your Account Representative’s contact information. Upon reaching out, you will find them ready and willing to joyfully fulfill all client needs, coast to coast. Joyfully Serving our Clients, Coast to Coast

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    Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

    Directors & Officers Liability Does your organization have a Board of Directors or Senior Executives that help provide direction, influence decision making and help craft policy? Are you on such a board? By participating in such a capacity, somebody becomes personally liable for decisions that they make in that role. In light of the many high profile corporate scandals (i.e. Enron, Health South, Madoff) that have exploded since the late 1990s, elected officials have put the blame for these occurrences at the feet of the corporate leaders. Legislative actions have placed a heavy burden on these individuals to ensure the organizations that they oversee are run in a proper manner. Even if an individual acts in a volunteer capacity, and even if the organization is small, the personal assets of the leader(s) may be at stake. Are you asking yourself, “Do I have insurance for that?” Most people know that one component of a typical homeowner’s policy provides liability insurance; however the liability protection provided by such a homeowner’s policy is limited in scope. A homeowner’s policy is designed to respond to “Bodily Injury” or “Property Damage.” It could also be broadened by a “Personal Injury” endorsement which provides a defense against unintentional acts of libel or slander. An umbrella policy could be added to provide an additional limit of liability. These extra precautions are beneficial, and certainly have their place, but may not be helpful in the event of a claim arising from your activities as a board member [...]

How to Buy Car Insurance

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