The Need for Healthcare Policies

Our national health care system has been through some tumultuous changes over the past few years, but this year, we have seen some of the impact – and we have been surprised a few times.

Earlier this year, we received a call from a few organizations who had fewer than 50 participants in their health care plan. They had just received a letter of non-renewal from their long-standing (very large) health insurance provider. In fact, that insurer had decided to drop all health insurance policies with fewer than 50 participants.

The challenge is not insurmountable at this time. We still have plenty of options, but these kind of events really do point to future concerns that are of larger magnitude.

Health Care Policies

We would like to encourage you to be involved in the ongoing discussions at a local level. We also would encourage you to voice any concerns you may have to our leaders (corporate and governmental). Help these leaders to address your concerns and the issues locally, state-wide, and nationally..

As Borgess CEO, Paul Spaude points out in the video, we have larger issues looming. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact Brian or Sandy at (518) 393-2109 ext 213 or

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