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The Day Someone was Shooting at My Family

Not long ago my family and I were hiking in the national forest, a short drive from Colorado Springs. As we hiked, we could hear some locals practicing their firearm marksmanship skills, which was not unusual, until my wife noticed that the gun shots sounded like they were “zzzzrrrrp” shooting...

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

If you think an allegation of sexual harassment, retaliation, or discrimination will never be made against your organization—think again. Employment-related claims impact organizations of every size, in every industry and can disrupt businesses, hurt employee morale, damage reputations and cost businesses financially. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) may be the...

Autumn is Right around the Corner

Like many of us, I love autumn. The crisp apples in early September remind us that the leaves will soon be changing. Along with the beauty of the season, we should take the time to ensure that the spaces in which we live, work and play are a safe environment,...


I love pruning trees & shrubs. Once I get started, I’ll keep going until my blisters have blisters, leaving my hands sore and tired for days. Regardless, the satisfaction of whipping nature into submission is inexplicable. My first real pruning efforts were not appreciated. I pruned the top 10 feet...

Broker vs. Computer

I am seeing more articles about the rise of the machines in the insurance industry. Every year, someone is introducing the technology that will replace insurance agents. After I am often asked, “what do you provide that a computer (or competitor) does not?” When the personal computer came out, many were suddenly able to produce their own logos, flyers & brochures.

Wildlife in the Wild West

Within the first month of my move to Colorado in 2008, we saw enough bear activity to eliminate any need to visit bears at a zoo. We were living in the National Forest, about 8 miles from civilization, and it gave us a quick education in risk management amongst the“wilderness interface.” The first lesson was a bear routinely tearing the corrugated

Driving for RideShare?

Taking a taxi in a big city is a fairly easy task, though not always a pleasant experience. In smaller cities and towns, taxi services are not as prevalent for the convenience of a quick ride. A great solution and alternative to taxi services is the recent development of RideShare....