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About Jon Barron

For over 30 years, Jon has been a results-driven leader and entrepreneur. From work flow efficiency to customer service, the results improve the bottom line. As a risk management consultant and insurance broker, Jon identifies inefficiencies, gaps, and areas for cost-savings beyond the insurance policy... and it all contributes to your bottom line.

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Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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Wheelin’ In the Wild West!

Colorado is full of opportunities to take a vehicle off-road. Once a Jeep owner proudly proclaimed that if he couldn’t make it up a snow-packed road, no one could. In the next few moments, my family and I zipped by in our Subaru Forester equipped only with studded snow tires. I grew up in Pittsfield, Mass and pride myself on being a great driver, not necessarily a “wheeler.”

Review Your Property Coverage

About half of all US citizens, especially homeowners who have been in their home for more than 4 years, are under-insured by as much as half of the correct amount. Many do not know what their coverages are, and some can not even find their policies. The final responsibility of appropriate coverage is legally on you, the home-owner (or tenant). Your insurance policy probably includes a penalty for being under-insured. If you are not insured correctly, the aforementioned penalty can be

Prepare for the Loss of Your Stuff

Many people do not understand the process of filing a claim and being paid for the "stuff" in their home. However, it is important to be prepared if you want to be properly compensated by your insurance company. Let us assume you are going to eventually suffer from a catastrophic (or even partial) loss of your belongings. This is not a pleasant exercise, but we can improve what you will get back from your insurance company after all these years of paying your bill.

Improve Your Car Insurance

Nationally, 1 out of 7 drivers is underinsured. As averages go, some geographical areas are better, while others (usually metropolitan areas) are worse. Do not be lulled into thinking that the state laws have corrected the underinsurance problem. No, when we face difficult economies like we do today, auto insurance is one of the first areas to suffer. In an effort to save money, many people are simply giving up auto insurance all together. If cost is a concern, we can often balance your policy’s coverages differently so

Write a Will

About half of all US citizens avoid writing any kind of a will. For various reasons, it is just not done. If you pass away without a will, the legal red-tape gets enormously difficult for those you leave behind. Avoid adding to the emotional stresses of your loved ones by writing a will today! There are many resources online that will help you in writing wills. If your situation is simple, you may do

Fire in the Wild West

A few years ago, I was the director of a small non-profit ranch near Colorado Springs. While one of my employees was hauling horses from Kansas, the truck began losing power and occasionally blowing brake light fuses. At midnight, I received a panicked phone call from Cory, who was just 5 miles from home after an 1100 mile journey. The truck was on fire.

Accidents In the Wild West

Jon Barron, our branch manager in Colorado Springs, recently was involved in three accidents within a week. All were minor and all were the fault of other drivers within a slippery one-mile stretch of mountain road. One of the other drivers was fully insured, one was uninsured, and one was possibly underinsured. Because Jon carries full insurance coverage including collision, underinsurance, and uninsurance on his vehicles, his insurance company paid the bill to get the vehicle fixed. The insurance company then handled all other negotiations and collection.

Shooting in the Wild West

Jon Barron, our branch manager in Colorado Springs, was recently hiking with his family when he heard gun shots, bullets whizzing by, and saw tree branches exploding. No one was harmed, but nerves were frayed. The folks who had come to the forest for a good time forgot to check their target. A little hollerin’ cleared things up and the shooters decided to call it a day. Whether hunting or target practicing, please be sure of your target.