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Every guest experience should be spectacular since word-of-mouth is a powerful advertising tool. Every detail from pristine linens to the fresh-baked bread create the atmosphere of a great inn. However, when a guest is unexpectedly injured, we believe you should have confidence that your insurer will meticulously follow-up on every detail to ensure that same level of personal care.

Recent studies show half of small businesses are under-insured by as much as 50%. Under these conditions, if you sustain a loss, you’d only receive about half of the compensation needed for replacing or repairing damages.

A great insurance agent will handle the details which will simplify and enhance your life. Our Team at The Merriam Agency will watch the little details, handle your concerns with care and demonstrate our expertise so you are free to care for your guests without worrying about insurance coverage. We will gladly set review and renewal dates that are most convenient for you.

Our Bed & Breakfast Plan offers competitively priced coverage for:

  • Buildings and outbuildings
  • Personal Property
  • Commercial Business Liability
  • Guest Personal Property
  • Appliances for refrigeration, cooking & laundry, even food spoilage
  • Employee Theft
  • Umbrella
  • Extra expenses when a loss occurs

The Merriam Agency is exclusively endorsed by the Christian Hospitality Network (CHN) and has negotiated a special discount off your annual insurance premiums for qualifying CHN-Member Inns.

Understanding Business Interruption Insurance for Inns

Imagine this scenario. You own a very popular inn, and reservations are close to capacity for the current season, including several weddings. How would you react if you were forced to close for several weeks because of mandates put in place due to wildfires? What about a plumbing or electrical issue? How might that impact your business, and effect your bottom line? Fortunately, many carriers offer, and inns purchase, Business Interruption insurance which pays for lost profits and continuing fixed expenses during the time it takes to repair and reopen the inn following an insurance claim or after a mandated closure. In another example, what if a bathtub overflows, damaging the room it is in and the room below it? You may lose the revenue of both rooms for 10 days while they are being repaired. Your lost profit and fixed expenses, such as cable, utilities, mortgage, and property taxes, could be reimbursed by your insurance carrier for those 10 days. Typically, business interruption insurance has a 3-day (or 72-hour) deductible. This means the first 3 days you are prevented from conducting business, you will not be reimbursed; however, you will be reimbursed for the rest of the time you are closed, starting on day 4. Only the owner of the inn knows how much a 3-day deductible might hurt your business financially. We encourage our clients to plan for the worst-case scenario, and imagine their business is shut down just before the busiest weekend of the year, whether for [...]

Renting Your Inn’s Premises to Other Businesses

While the global financial crisis and subsequent recession may still be affecting many small businesses, including Inns, one area where the turmoil has created opportunities is in the renting of real estate space. Leasing your facility, in part or in its entirety, to an outside entity can be a mutually beneficial proposition, but it can have its own problems. To protect yourself and your Inn, Merriam Insurance recommends you take advantage of our expertise and follow these important tips: Execute a signed written agreement between the Inn and the lessee. Ensure you get proof of insurance naming your Inn as an “Additional Insured.” Ensure that you have “Damage to Rented Premises” coverage. Obtain a security deposit for at least one month’s rent. Determine who will be in charge. Facilities and equipment maintenance, property upkeep and purchasing are all part of what will have to be managed between your Inn and the lessee. Consider how you know this person. It makes a difference whether the person is a stranger, a long-time guest, or a childhood friend. Consider running a background check. This will help to determine if the lessee has taken good care of facilities and grounds in the past, has paid bills on time, and if they have ever been convicted of a felony. Inns interested in scaling back, or those looking for an additional revenue source, can consider leasing their facility to someone else. While the immediate benefits may be obvious, the risk for a potential legal battle does […]

What If My Inn Owns Valuable Antiques?

Many Inn owners decorate with various antiques, such as fine china, paintings, statues, tapestries, or other artwork. Some of these items can be very valuable, adding to both the resale value of the inn and the ambiance created for guests. A generic insurance policy does not do a good job of properly protecting antiques or other unique items. Even if your inn has “contents” coverage, there is still a significant gap in coverage. “Contents” or “Business Personal Property” coverage on an insurance policy is designed to replace the items you’ve lost with something new. If you lose a 4 poster bed to a fire, they will pay for you to get a new 4-poster. If you lose a 2’ x 3’ painting to vandalism damage, the insurer is typically obligated to pay to get you a new 2’ x 3’ painting, less your deductible. Are you able to see the gap in coverage? You might have an antique 4-poster bed from the late 1800s that is worth $10,000 on the open market. Compare that to what you see when you search for “wooden four poster beds for sale” online. You can get a nice-looking, new bed for less than $2,000. If you have this antique bed insured as “contents” for “replacement cost,” you would end up getting about $2,000 for a bed worth $10,000. If you are concerned that some of your Inn’s belongings might be at risk, because of their unique or valuable nature, please contact one of our […]

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“I smile as I write this letter… in an era where customer service is expected, it is minimally presented—however seldom embraced.
You are an exception to this norm

Any agent can sell me a policy, however, you sold me your business and proved to me that Merriam Insurance will be there for me at all times. You called me, after I made a decision to use another agent to see if I was happy with my new insurance. Honestly, I never expected you to call and ask that question.
It blew me away! 

At that point, I immediately realized two things; first, that I had made an error in judgment and, second, in a two-second flash (one of those ‘AHA’ moments), that you were genuinely concerned about my business!      

You have proven to me, above and beyond, that you are what I and most innkeepers should have  as their  insurance partners.

-Cheryl Blais, The Maples at Warner

“James Dick was very professional and thorough & did a great job to get competitive quotes back from insurance carriers so that I was able to switch over my coverage before my current policy expired on May 30, 2016.”

-Christi Kerrigan, Bear Mountain Inn