Commercial Insurance Coverage

There are many different risks inherent in any business. By utilizing our Commercial Insurance comprehensive evaluation system, the Merriam Agency consistently ensures thorough coverage and protection.

Employees deserve to benefit from your company’s relationships and buying strength. Offer traditional and non-traditional benefits that may also save them time and money. Rounding out the employee benefits lets them know how much you value them.

We believe what you do is important enough to cover correctly, from worker’s compensation, health & benefits, payroll deduction, to auto, property and professional liability.

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Jon Barron

About Jon Barron

For over 30 years, Jon has been a results-driven leader and entrepreneur. From work flow efficiency to customer service, the results improve the bottom line. As a risk management consultant and insurance broker, Jon identifies inefficiencies, gaps, and areas for cost-savings beyond the insurance policy... and it all contributes to your bottom line. Branch Manager: Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (719) 488-3206 Direct Send Email