Title Insurance: What you need to know

So you’re buying a house? It’s an incredibly exciting time.

And once you find a house and your offer is accepted, you get closer and closer to it being YOUR home.

But as you get closer to the closing, you find out that there are all these closings costs. They are adding up and you’re getting concerned. Where is your money going?

Fortunately there is an entire industry here in New York State that helps make this house yours.

They help collect the taxes you owe, that are due at closing.

  • Mortgage tax
  • Local tax from city, village, or county. And they take care of paying these so you don’t have to spend time doing it.

They get you title insurance, so you can be sure this home will always be yours.

This means they do research on the property records, and make sure all the old loans on the house get paid off. They facilitate the preparation and execution of the documents the law requires, so the home can really be yours. Title agents make sure the deed gets recorded in the right place so the world can know.

So that when you go to sign the papers and make this home yours…they are right there with you.

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