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Flexible Spending Account

FSAs are truly –  flexible! They allow for 25% to 40% savings on expenses not covered by a regular health plan. Dependent and elder care, orthodontia and dental, chiropractor and vision, plus co-pays and transit, for example, are eligible to paid for with your FSA. You can even save on over-the-counter drugs and medicine, as long as you have a prescription from your doctor.

The “Take Care” debit card makes using your Flex Spending Account as easy as swipe and go!


  • FSAs are employee-funded, generally through voluntary salary reduction agreements. Funds can roll over, but with limitations.
  • FSAs are non-taxed funds withheld from an employee paycheck in any amount, not to exceed $2,550.
  • The limit is per employee, so a family with more than one working member can choose to contribute up to $2,550.
  • FSAs do not have to be a “use it or lose it” plan if employers elect to allow up to $500 of unused  FSA contributions to roll over to the next year, or offer employees a grace period to spend the unused funds.  The employer may only offer one option.

For more information, and to find out if an FSA is right for you, call Shannon McMeel today! 

For more information on FSAs, check out our educational website.

For current participants in an FSA with the Merriam Agency:

  • You can check your balance or file a claim here.
  • Don’t forget, we have a mobile app! You can download the app in the app store on your mobile device; just search “MyFlex.”  Your username and password are the same for the app as they are for the MyFlex website.