What Caused the Damage and Who Cares?

“What” is very important, and “You” care, or at least you will when “What” happens. Suppose that “What” is a bolt of lightning that starts a fire in your house; or that “What” is a vehicle that missed the turn and drives through the front window of your business; or that “What” is a thief lurking when nobody is around…You care, don’t you?

In the event of a property loss to your residential or business property, the “Cause of Loss” portion of your policy is very important. There are generally three variations of coverage for a property loss. A “Basic” cause of loss will only cover one of the three items listed above, whereas “Broad” coverage would cover two and “Special” would cover all three.

Naturally, we recommend “Special” coverage in almost every circumstance. However, there may be some instances, such as in the case of a vacancy, in which a lesser form is offered instead by the underwriters.

It may also be that your situation has changed from what it was in the past and you are now eligible for a coverage type that you do not have currently. We encourage you to review your policy to make sure you are aware of your current coverage. Please reach out to our office if you have any questions or need any clarification on your policy.

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