Equipment Breakdown Coverage for Your Home

The summer of 2016 was very busy for Nick and Brittany Desso—they were moving, buying a house, and getting married, almost all at the same time. They used the Merriam team to help them find the right home insurance. They appreciated the thoroughness of the Merriam team in asking questions about the home and their situation, so that the correct coverage could be recommended.

On January 30, 2017, Nick was working from home when he started to smell smoke. He went downstairs to discover his first floor filling with smoke that seemed to be coming from his laundry room. Concerned his home was on fire, Nick called the fire department. When they arrived, the firefighters discovered the gas boiler, responsible for heating the entire house, had overheated, caught fire, and cracked internally. Nick called and confirmed his boiler would need to be replaced—as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Nick had agreed with the recommended “equipment breakdown” coverage on his homeowners’ insurance, which covered the sudden and accidental breakage of mechanical appliances, like his boiler. Their insurance company paid for them to receive a more efficient boiler at no cost to them, less the $250 deductible. In total, the Dessos received a claim check for $10,216, which paid for their new, 95% energy efficient boiler.

“It was only an additional $20 more and I’m sure glad I went with it!” Nick Desso said.

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James Dick, CPCU, AAI