Going the Extra Mile

The early snowfall in Western New York this past winter caught national attention when the Buffalo Bills had to play a “home” game in Detroit, because there was too much snow to get to the stadium. This is a rare problem for people in that part of the state. They are used to getting over 100 inches of snow in a year, but not in one week!

During those weeks in November, I received notifications from multiple insurance companies telling us what they were doing for our clients in that part of the state. One notice, in particular, caught my eye and read something like this: “We are going to contact all of our mutually affected clients and tell them how to contact us if they need to make a claim.” In recent conversations with this same company, I was told they sent their employees out to visit these insureds in person, and some even helped shovel off their roofs!

Why do you partner with us? I would hope in part, because we care. We too look for the same thing in the companies we partner with. Why is the above story important? We want our clients to know that we partner with carriers who are stable, caring and well-regarded in the industry. When there is an event that disrupts normal daily activities, the Merriam Agency, and our carriers, go the extra mile to be sure that the needs of the individuals and businesses we insure are well taken care of.

Joshua D. Crowder, AAI-M