When you have a claim, you realize that it is more important to be properly insured than to save a couple dollars.


I just checked the forecast for Elk Camp this weekend. Snow Friday and Saturday. Brrr. But a little fresh snow makes chasing those tricksy elkses easier to find – in theory.

This year, I’m hunting with two guys who have become great friends over the years. We weren’t able to draw bull tags this year, so we’re only looking for the antlerless bunch, which don’t make for amazing pictures. Maybe I’ll bolt on a tree branch for the picture or something.

On To Business… 

Have you ever seen a broken pipe destroy an entire wall in a room? It is amazing how much force and destructive power is in those half-inch pipes. Quite a few years ago, a bathroom was completely destroyed while I ran around looking for the water shut-off. It took us 6 weeks to repair all the damages… and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

It’s time to make sure you have disconnected and drained hoses… unless you live in southern-most parts of the US. If you’re still using hoses, please disconnect them when you’re done for the day… it is one preventive way to avoid significant cost and inconvenience.

Finally, if you have Crawl vents around your foundation, it’s time to close ’em. That’s it!

Until next week’s 15-Minute Check-up, enjoy your day off!