You may have a lawsuit on the horizon . . .

Did you know you could be sued for seemingly innocuous actions? Things such as: the “wrongful imprisonment” of the neighborhood kid you caught lurking in your backyard and suspected him of burglary. In good conscience, you kept him there until the police arrived, but they determined he really was just looking for a baseball he hit over the fence.

That social media post that your daughter made last night about a girl in her class? Or perhaps the local Chinese restaurant that had to close because of your negative online reviews that went viral.

Worse yet, actions like these (libel, slander, defamation of character and invasion of privacy) may not be covered by your standard homeowners policy if you were to be sued. Unlike a slip and fall (bodily injury), these types of activities hurt someone’s person (or their “being”) and are thus known as “personal injury.” Although this coverage is not included in most homeowners policies, it can be added on for a relatively low premium. Having this coverage does not give somebody a license to start making hurtful comments, but does protect against unintentional wrongs of this nature.

For more information on this coverage or to find out what it would cost to add to your homeowners policy, call our helpful customer service staff. We would be happy to speak with you.

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