The Merriam Rises Program

Merriam Insurance has been part of the local community for 123 years. From the very beginning, the founders were involved in many charitable endeavors. One of the three tenets of our corporate mission statement is to . . . “contribute to the well-being of our community” . . . be it our immediate community or in another part of the United States, or the world. Merriam Rises began several years ago with employees paying for the privilege of dressing down and wearing jeans on Fridays.

Although the initiative did not have an official name until 2016, once the Jeans Fund reaches a certain level, the money is donated to a nonprofit that can use some additional help, even if it is a modest amount. The needs are great, and we realized that contributing money alone greatly limited our ability to help. In order to go one step further, it was decided that we would offer our time and talents as well on a quarterly basis.

If you would like additional information about Merriam Rises, you may call Shannon Piegaro at (518) 393-2109, ext. 222, or feel free to browse photos from past projects on our website:

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