Spring Into Better Health

Spring is coming, it doesn’t have a choice! Daylight will last longer and milder temperatures will be here.

Many of us get set in our ways and settle into less healthy routines during the winter months. We go to work, we go home, we sit to eat and watch TV. I know I am guilty of that.

But with sunshine, comes energy! So let’s all get motivated to become and stay active. Here are some ways to start:

  1. Begin with activities you enjoy. What do you like to do if you have a whole weekend with nothing planned and the weather is nice? Do you enjoy walking? Almost any activity can include a good walk. How about biking with your family on the local bike path? Both of these activities can help boost your energy and mood—and help you stay healthy.
  2. Give yourself a 30-day challenge. Think of something new to do for 30 days and mark it on the calendar. This will help you be accountable to yourself! It could be something simple, like taking the dog for a longer walk or a bike ride with your kids. Choose something that will keep you moving for at least 30 consecutive minutes each day. Elevating your heart rate is so important!
  3. A lifestyle change can begin with 30 consecutive days. Once you’ve tried out your new active habit for 30 days, review your progress. Was this a feasible change? Is it something you’d like to do long-term? Make adjustments to fit your lifestyle, but keep doing something active every day. Don’t forget—the experts now say that even 10 minutes of exercise three times a day is better than not exercising at all. The most important thing is to just keep moving!

All of the local health insurance carriers have a wellness program component included in their health plans. I would be happy to review the various options with you to find the right plan to best fit the needs of you and/or your employees. Let’s get started!

Lisa Rice
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