Tales from the North Country

Life up in the North Country

Lifestyles in different regions of New York State, especially the North Country, are extremely diverse. What can I tell you about insuring people and businesses in the heart of the Adirondack Park?

I have been the North Creek Branch Manager of the Merriam Agency for nearly 10 years, and no two days are alike. People in the North Country are extremely diverse and interesting, from locals whom I have known since childhood to newcomers heading North for the uniqueness and solitude of the Adirondacks.

We handle a wide range of personal and business insurance needs, from seasonal folks to year-round residents and local businesses. From wildlife causing accidents, to mini-tornadoes and Old Man Winter issues, we have heard it all! And that’s also when we hear, “Thank the Lord for insurance!” Trust that the Merriam Insurance Agency can handle all your insurance needs.

Gretchen Kirby
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