Want to use a drone for your next event?

What happens if the drone malfunctions mid-flight and damages overhead wires or a building? What if it injures a spectator while landing? What if someone alleges you invaded their privacy? All of these issues can potentially be protected by your insurance policy—but you need to ask permission.

We’ve approached some of the insurance companies who insure non-profits/community organizations around the country. Here are some of the responses we’ve received.

Company A

“We can include coverage for a drone by endorsement. There is a small charge. Here is the information we need:

  1. Confirmation owned & operated by insured as defined in the policy
  2. Licensed and registered
  3. Weight
  4. How and when it would be used”

Company B

“We will extend liability to drone operations if the following criteria are met:

  1. It is owned and operated by an “Insured”
  2. It is registered and the operator is licensed
  3. It is operated at less than 400 feet of elevation
  4. It is less than 55 lbs.
  5. They are using it for event photos only, the event is not in a restricted air space such as near an airport or government owned facility”

Company C

“We do not have a good way to extend our policy to cover drones. You’ll need to get a separate policy to have liability coverage for drone malfunction/error/negligence.”

No matter what industry you are in, your insurance company is probably going to take one of these three positions. Each insurance company has different guidelines, so ask before you fly!

Merriam Insurance is always here to manage your risks, even before you thought they were risks! Contact us today to confirm if you are protected.

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