Haiti Water Project

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At Merriam, we care about providing our clients with the most comprehensive homeowner’s insurance coverage. We also care about giving back to our community, both locally and globally.

Our President, Brian Merriam, has been using his vacation time to take trips to Haiti for almost 20 years. One on-going project is a partnership with American and Haitian chapters of the service organization, Rotary International, to provide clean water to communities in Haiti. He works alongside native Haitians to help them improve their lives and the lives of their families and neighbors.

Our goal is to raise $500 for the Haiti Water Project. By requesting a home insurance quote through the link below, your inquiry will generate a $10 donation to the Project. There is no obligation to purchase the policy.

The Haiti Water Project is accomplished by volunteers who take the portable water filters to Haiti.  Metal stands are fabricated by Haitian craftsmen, two 5-gallon buckets are purchased and labeled, and the Haitians who are to be beneficiaries of a filter system are taught how to correctly assemble the components of the system.  They are also taught how to disassemble and clean the filter system to ensure the water provided remains clean. As of the date of this article, more than 600 filter units have been distributed to schools, orphanages, tent cities, and other places where they will have the greatest impact. Each filter is capable of providing clean water for up to 40 people per day, and is designed to last for 10 years—all for a total cost of $150 per system.

In addition to distributing filter units, the volunteers also educate community leaders on the importance of clean water for health and safety. Of the 11 million people in Haiti, at least 60% are unemployed and 75% live in abject poverty. There is no effective sewage system, so many people draw their water from sources contaminated by waste water. Most Haitians do not have water piped to their homes or huts, and they cannot afford to buy bottled water for all their needs. Thus, they are exposed to water-borne illnesses at an extremely high rate. Even worse, most Haitians do not realize the water is the source of the diseases that sicken them and their children.

Thank you in advance for joining us in our efforts to purchase water filter systems for our neighbors in Haiti! Hopefully, you will also discover the quality and benefits of homeowner insurance programs offered through The Merriam Agency!

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