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Merriam Insurance Testimonials

The Merriam Insurance staff issues a formal “Thank You” to all of our wonderful clients. We appreciate each and every one of you! Here is what some of you are saying about us:

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Merriam Insurance to any organization or mission ministry considering proper and adequate insurance coverage for their business needs. Thanks to their expertise and carefully detailed analyses of our operations, Merriam Insurance has not only helped us to procure all necessary coverage for The Bowery Mission, but has also saved us tens of thousands of dollars in annual premiums. Merriam Insurance has become a trusted vendor that continues to be readily accessible to process our requests and answer questions — we are extremely pleased with our choice to join the Merriam Insurance family to address our insurance needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Merriam Insurance to any organization interested in both professional insurance brokerage services and excellent customer service.”
David P. Jones, President/CEO, The Bowery Mission

“My sincere thanks to the Merriam team and especially, Lisa Rice, for her help navigating the Medicare maze. Merriam will always be my first choice and best recommendation for insurance.”
Sandy Cregan

“I am writing to give my hearty heart-felt endorsement for Brian Merriam. I have known Brian for decades, and know him to be an individual of highest integrity. I encourage anyone considering an association with Brian that they will not find a more honorable and capable individual.”
Martin Chader

“I want to thank you and your staff for being available to meet face-to-face. It was just what I needed after my previous online experience. Jennifer Holt is a delight and I look forward to a long-term relationship with the firm.”
Robert G Dwyer

“Brian and his staff are very professional and yet also very personable. They are knowledgeable and quick to respond to questions and needs. It is clear they care about the customer. I have been treated with courtesy and respect.”
—Danny H., customer since 2014

“Merriam Insurance took time to work with me and explain everything. Merriam is interested in their customers and understand the importance of the customer being happy.”
—Richard R., customer since 2018

“Very attentive to our needs, professional and always courteous.”
—Paul G., customer since 2012

“Rachel is always very responsive to my requests and calls for anything I might need. I feel she would always be there for us at the Mission.”
—Nora B., customer since 2013

“Merriam always answers questions and keeps on top of my business needs.”
Customer since 2017

“I especially like the quick response to my questions.”
Patricia P., customer since 2014

“I really appreciate that my phone calls are always returned in a timely manner. There was a recent mix up regarding our bill, and it was easily and respectfully resolved with the help of the agent. Thank you for your business integrity.”
Timothy G., customer since 2012

“Every time I call, the agents are always helpful and easy to access.”
Ian C., customer since 2013

“Per my Yelp review online: The Merriam Agency is a fantastic insurance firm to work with. They have recently helped my family with our automobile and homeowners policies, and also have worked with me on some specialized solutions for charitable organization insurance needs. They did in fact save our family money, but had that not been the case I still would have highly recommended them. The fact of the matter is that they went above and beyond my expectations when it came to talking with me, determining the current and future needs of my family, and tailoring policies that fit our budget as well as provided the coverage that we need. They have been quick to respond to emails, had flexible hours that fit into my busy schedule, and always were honest. They are a firm that sells insurance but provides peace of mind. Their integrity is second to none.”
Benjamin M., customer since 2018

“Whoever I talk to is kind, polite, and will get back to me with an answer to my questions.”
Sandra W., customer since 2012

“You are super! Lisa Reed is excellent and a very caring person to have on one’s side for this type of insurance.”
Susan C., customer since 2015

“I love the responsiveness and the availability, guidance and advice that was offered freely before I made my move to Merriam.”
Erin K., customer since 2018

“Personable. Being a small fish in the ocean you treat me equal as if I am the shark of the ocean! How is that for an example? Honestly, I have no complaints at all.”
Susan P., customer since 2014

“Our agent helped us work through complicated paperwork and medical history to get the policy we needed.”
Customer since 2012

“Great service with a personal touch. Answers all questions and gets back in a timely manner, never have to wait. Go way up and above for customer satisfaction.”
Customer since 2018

“James was quick and efficient. From the moment I started to talking to him about our specifics needs, I knew I was in the right place.”
Customer since 2018

“Gretchen worked with me to get the coverage I needed at a reasonable cost.”
Royce D., customer since 2017

“Merriam Agency, and James Dick in particular, were fine to work with. Reasonably fast issuing a quote and in binding coverage.”
Lloyd S., customer since 2017

“James Dick was very nice and great to deal with. He got us a very good rate.”
Customer since 2012

“Thank you for the fantastic service throughout our 25+ years of doing business together!”
Steve H., customer since 2018

“Long partnership that understands our church/organization.”
Tim K., customer since 2012

“I like that you keep me informed as to any news regarding insurance and when I call I always get a prompt courteous answer.”
Daniel T., customer since 2012

“I now live in Maine but kept Merriam for my insurance after my move from Knox, NY in 2015. I do everything by phone or email. All long distance operations have gone smoothly and easily.”
John E., customer since 2012

“I have been with Merriam Insurance for well over 20 years. I have been grateful for their excellent service. I have not had to worry about choices for insurance they did all the work. Merriam is always prompt in their response to any insurance claims. Their follow-up and care is excellent. Even though I have moved many times and including out of the area their coverage and response has been excellent. These days loyalty is not respected. But I hope in this case that loyalty will be on both sides and continue.”
Therese H., customer since 2012

“You and your staff are responsive and knowledgeable. They also know their customers. It’s nice talking to someone ‘local’.”
Maggie H., customer since 2013

“Merriam returns phone calls in a timely manner.”
Stuart C., customer since 2012

“Great customer service, and good pricing. Customer service is, in our opinion, the most critical element. The Merriam folks have gone to bat for us a number of times and made sure that our packages truly meet our needs. Thanks!”
Customer since 2012

“My auto and home have been insured with Merriam Insurance for over 30 years. Blessedly, I have only needed to file one claim when an Air Born Express van blew through a stop sign and my only escape option involved a telephone pole. The claim process and auto repairs proceeded flawlessly. I will also always be grateful to Brian Merriam for his efforts at mediation with my homeowners insurer a number of years ago when I was going through a divorce and my old farm house definitely needed some remedial attention. He helped me prioritize repairs and advocated to allow me time to make corrections to satisfy the insurance carrier. His support and individual attention was very much appreciated.”
Karen B., customer since 2012

“I have not had any big problems and when I have had a problem they have been taken care of immediately. Very quick to answer questions and help when it is needed.”
Customer since 2017

“Merriam Insurance overall and Jon Barron specifically has been a real asset to our organization. They have been outstanding when there has been a claim, have been extremely helpful (with quick responses too!) when I’ve had questions, and have diligently worked to get us coverage with a construction/insurance issue we ran into.”
Rob S., customer since 2013

“Friendly, quick and thorough service of our insurance needs, I appreciate the knowledge and understanding you have to the needs of rescue missions like ours.”
Walter L., customer since 2017

“Friendly staff with prompt replies.”
Peter L., customer since 2017

“Your help in getting our policies in place in a timely manner so that we could close was truly appreciated. Also, your help in getting the information we needed for FEMA regarding appealing the requirement for flood insurance was truly awesome. Thank you!”
Customer since 2017

“Jon Barron is great to work with. He is always available. He really takes us by the hand to get through every step. We have zero complainants.”
Andrew B., customer since 2017

“Merriam Insurance, especially Jennifer Holt, are awesome to work with. Jennifer is always ahead of me for renewal times and any other documents that need attention. Great company!”
Millie W., customer since 2016

“Merriam Insurance has been a great insurance company.”
Lisa S., customer since 2013

“Gretchen and the rest of the staff at the North Creek office are the best! They have been helpful and patient with whatever I’ve been trying to accomplish or understand. Thankfully I’ve never had a claim but if, or when I ever do, I’m sure it will be handled in the most expeditious manner possible.”
Jane B., customer since 2013

“Before using the Merriam Agency, our insurance policies were managed by a large company in a different part of the country. Since changing to Merriam Insurance I feel that I have an advocate who will work on my behalf on issues. Merriam employees have been prompt with responses to all questions and issues and have assisted with seamless transitions for all our insurance related changes.”
Douglas A., customer since 2012

“I had motorcycle insurance from another company, Gretchen reviewed my insurance and cut my cost over half. This year I had two blowouts on my motorcycle tires from broken valve stems (brand new) got my bike towed thanks to Gretchen’s help. Love this insurance.”
Otis C., customer since 2014

“I have been very happy and always courteously treated in a timely manner in all of my personal, telephonic, or e-mail encounters and think this insurance agency is user friendly and shares their and my best interests in mind. I have been a customer for decades.”
Jeffrey F., customer since 2012

“We’ve appreciated your guidance and as we pursued a policy for our 501c3 organization and we feel very confident that if we had any further needs we could count on guidance to help us further if needed.”
Gordon A., customer since 2016

“Have not had any issues with Merriam insurance.”
Ronald M., customer since 2012

“The Merriam Agency has a wonderful president, Brian Merriam!!! He not only works for all the policy holders but also his employees. Plus his outside activities such as his 14 trips to Haiti to help bring them clean water further supports this. His community service is outstanding and every place he goes he helps people who need help not only with insurance but other personal problems as well. With a president of this kind of character who loves people and is willing to go the extra mile, why shouldn’t anybody looking for insurance go any place other than Merriam Insurance?”
Customer since 2012

“Great service just when you really need it. Had a claim as a new customer last winter. Settled, paid, no fuss. Thanks folks for insuring me with such a great local company.”
Customer since 2016

“Excellent service. Quick and efficient, with knowledgeable, pleasant people.”
Roger H., customer since 2012

“Very helpful with any customer service questions and very prompt in answering emails or any other form of correspondence. We are very happy with The Merriam Agency and the services we receive.”
Dawn B., customer since 2014

“It was just easy and well explained. I never have any trouble.”
Customer since 2017

“James Dick worked very hard on my new policy. He then saved me a good amount of money with the same and even more enhanced insurance coverage. It’s tough to give Merriam Insurance a 10 since it’s just the beginning of our business relationship but if all the employees are as knowledgeable as James Dick who never got tired of explaining in terms I could understand, no matter how many questions I asked. Send me the survey next year please. Thanks, Rick Duell of Duell Plumbing and Heating Contractor Inc.”
Rick D., customer since 2017

“You answered all my questions and gave me the insurance I needed…”
Customer since 2017

“We appreciated the timely service and responses compared to what we received with other agents. The product knowledge and recommendations were spot on and much appreciated.”
Customer since 2017

“Very personable and quick in response. The Starbucks gift card was awesome as well!”
Cassidy O., customer since 2017

“James Dick was very helpful, good about following up and took care of everything we needed.”
Customer since 2018

“Merriam Insurance Agency has a great track record and has been around a long time. They excel at responding to customer requests, and are subject matter experts in all areas of nonprofit insurance.”
Wayne R., customer since 2017

“Merriam Agency prides itself in professionalism, integrity and offers prompt and courteous service. They do not just offer quotes of insurance, but review each policy to be certain you have correct and adequate coverage and make recommendations accordingly. Family run for 123 years speaks volumes of their commitment to community.”
Nicholas M., customer since 2017

“Working with James was great! He made getting insurance super easy! I would highly recommend Merriam Insurance!”
Abigail R., customer since 2018

“I am so happy with The Merriam Insurance Agency! I have been recommending this agency for years to a number of clients, and was so impressed with their services, that I finally switched all my own personal insurance business to the Merriam Agency. I am picky and always do my research, so after talking with and reviewing the Merriam Agency I knew I was going to be in good hands. The Merriam Agency has been around a long time, and that says something in this day and age of fast paced business. They dont miss a step and are all about customer needs. With today’s economy and forever changing policies, The Merriam Agency has your back! They explain things and clarify language written in the policies that I have, making me all the more secure that I made the right decision to take all my insurance needs to them. I wont need to look back, because I am more than satisfied with this agency and all they do for me. I trust this agency, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they get right to the heart of the matter. Loyalty and honesty are important and they stand behind their reputation as a trustworthy and hard working agency. I am so glad that I made the switch to The Merriam Insurance Agency!”
Lorena M., customer since 2017

“Excellent communication and quick to respond to any of our issues.”
Customer since 2017

“I know when I call James he’ll answer or call back within 24 hours. He has been very professional, kind, and patient with us through the process. He explained everything well. Thank you!”
Customer since 2017

“Super focused on my business, got into the details and organized me and all of my policies making it easy for me to manage them and do business with you.”
Ryan B., customer since 2017

“Always have been very helpful with all my questions, and very pleasant to talk with, and do business with. Thank you for being there.”
Dorothy M., customer since 2017

“Good service when we had questions. Also, you changed companies for us when it would save us money, but still provide coverage we needed.”
W M., customer since 2013

“We saved over $1,000 by switching insurance!! :)”
Wayne E., customer since 2017

“Very efficient, prices are fair, respond quickly.”
Customer since 2017

“Always very responsive and courteous!”
Susan B., customer since 2016

“It is refreshing to have an insurance agent who listens and has the best interest of our ministry in mind!”
Stephanie B., customer since 2016

“When we have had to submit a claim, the staff at Merriam Agency respond quickly. We are given precise instructions and are kept up to date on the claim. The staff are always very courteous. It is a pleasure to do business with them.”
Pamela W., customer since 2015

“Gretchen was incredibly helpful and accommodating—she made insuring my new home a breeze.”
Customer since 2015

“We found our experience handled very professionally but with a personal touch. Our rates were very good and we saved money compared to what we had been paying. Everyone was very friendly.”
Joe M., customer since 2017

“Very competitive, comprehensive coverage for our home, auto and our rental property. Staff is great to work with. Very pleased with Merriam Insurance.”
Richard B., customer since 2015

“I like having a local real person handling my insurance needs. I like having an agent that I know and knows me and my insurance needs. An independent agent can shop around for best insurance and price for me.”
Ernest P., customer since 2013

“You helped us get homeowners insurance with our car insurance in one reasonable package.”
Customer since 2016

“Wonderful customer service!”
Cindy W., customer since 2015

“The personal touch is really important to us. It’s nice to talk to someone who knows who we are and what we do!”
Customer since 2016

“You are very personable, genuine,.AND, you were able to lower our rates and improve our coverage.”
Harold Y., customer since 2017

“Every time I’ve needed help I have received it. I enjoy working with your team. I feel like a person handling business and not a number.”
Doris R., customer since 2016

“Merriam always has had my back when I have forgotten to make a payment, and they have prompt service on changes.”
Customer since 2012

“Quick, polite, and knowledgeable service!”
Customer since 2015

“Merriam solved my biggest problems.”
Jeffrey L., customer since 2015

“Merriam lowered my payments I was very happy with that.”
Terence G., customer since 2015

“Josh gave me the phone number of my road service provider. He is a very pleasant person.”
Customer since 2017

“The professionals at Merriam have always been responsive to our needs. Questions or concerns are dealt with efficiently and skillfully.”
William J., customer since 2014

“The staff is very friendly and always check up with us to help in anyway.”
Robert G., customer since 2017

“I appreciate the friendly service I get when I need to understand my coverage. Your staff are very helpful.”
Sally F., customer since 2013

“We are very satisfied with the Merriam Agency. They have been our insurance company for auto and Home for years. Whenever we needed assistance or information they have always assisted us and answered questions quickly and to our satisfaction.”
Customer since 2012

“Everything was great! Not only were my responses answered quickly, but the service provided when the answers arrived was top notch. Everyone at the office took the time to help me understand what I needed to fill out with applications, and talked me through my insurance shopping experience from beginning to end. I highly recommend The Merriam Agency!”
Tyler M., customer since 2015

“Always answer my question when I call.”
Customer since 2013

“Possibly have a system for digital signatures – let’s eliminate fax machines and kill less trees :)”
David S., customer since 2017

“I appreciated the exceptional service and the savings we received on our recent auto insurance renewal.”
Mark W., customer since 2012

“1) Provided essential support w/ selection of proper insurance coverage, 2) Prompt response to client questions or needs, 3) Pertinent and vital resources communicated to help in planning, prevention, and preparedness strategies.”
Customer since 2017

“Merriam has a good line of products and great service. The Merriam staff are friendly and knowledgeable and make sure your needs are met. We had a claim and Merriam was right on top of it and made sure everything was carried out in order and complete.”
Gary R., customer since 2013

“Personal contact with people who deeply care about what we do and desire to keep us informed on current trends and potential risks to our organization. Response time is quick. Thank You.”
Curt F., customer since 2014

“Jon Barron and Rachel Houghton understand the complexities of the insurance business, know how to manage risks, provide appropriate recommendations, products and prices. Crossroads Mission really appreciates the outstanding customer service.”
Customer since 2014

“We greatly appreciate the speedy response to our inquiries and information you provide to help us be aware of changes which may affect our Mission.”
Fay T., customer since 2016

“Simplified coverage that we need as a small nonprofit agency with the ability to add things like a car when necessary. They are always available to answer questions and the renewal process has never been left late or hurried. There is always plenty of notice.”
Pamela K., customer since 2017

“Jon Barron is extremely thorough. He has gone into much greater detail when looking for the right coverage than any other insurance agent I have met. Thanks Jon!”
Customer since 2013

“I love how fast you get back to me, Jon. You always do all you can for us. I believe you genuinely care about our missions and your customers.”
Cherise M., customer since 2014

“Thanks for all you do to help mitigate risk for Gateway and many other AGRM members!”
Ben E., customer since 2016

“We love everything about this company. They are so courteous in their dealings with us and helpful and encouraging in every way. They know first hand the struggles that Christian ministries go through on a regular basis and what to do about them. May God continue to bless them and use them in His kingdom’s work in all the days ahead.”
Jim J., customer since 2013

“Jon has always been right on top of all my insurance needs and has answered all the questions that I have. Through this process Jon has been able to recommend exactly what my family needs for insurance.”
Customer since 2016

“Every time a question has arisen concerning the coverage on our camp, you have been very responsive. Thank you!”
Paul S., customer since 2013

“I appreciate the fact that I can do business locally, and that the office and staff are warm, welcoming, courteous, and helpful.”
Susan N., customer since 2016

“The personal touch is very important to me and Gret and Sharon in the North Creek office have been amazing.”
Gary M., customer since 2014

“My agent was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful.”
William A., customer since 2016

“Customer Service is exceptional!”
Gina C., customer since 2014

“Every time I call your office I receive the assistance I need to resolve my problems and answers to my questions. Thank you.”
Peter M., customer since 2016

“Personal lines reps have always treated us with respect and are very knowledgeable and helpful.”
Customer since 2012

“With each call I’ve made to the agency I’ve been met with friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful voices.”
Robert R., customer since 2013

“You folks are there when I need to talk to you.”
Customer since 2013

“I love the feeling of having my insurance company looking out for my interests all the time, everything from helping me figure out the right coverage and getting the best deal on it to advice on things I can do to my home to reduce the risks.”
Mary O., customer since 2013

“I recommended The Merriam Agency to two individuals this week!”
Sharon C., customer since 2012

“While we haven’t spoken with you often, we have appreciated the time and personal attention you’ve given us over the years of our relationship.”
Customer since 2013

“You are wonderful! One thing that you might want to think of is more communication that would separate you from other insurance companies. You are always there for me when I need something.”
Michael C., customer since 2012

“I get great customer service, and last minute issues are taken care of immediately. James jumped through hoops to make sure that my insurance needs were going to get done right and done effectively for the benefit of my company.”
Norman Y., customer since 2016

“Very responsive to any and all questions and issues raised.”
Steven M., customer since 2013

“You look out for your client’s best interest by helping us to manage risk rather than coming in as the lowest bid without but with limited coverage.”
David G., customer since 2012

“Merriam brought me that old time insurance company feeling. I paid cash and had a receipt in my hand.”
William S., customer since 2017

“Always quick to respond to questions and concerns. Thorough and just an all around pleasant experience.”
Tina A., customer since 2015

“They answer questions, help you through the process and are kind!”
Beth O., customer since 2016

“The North Creek office is very responsive and a pleasure to deal with.”
John C., customer since 2016

“Every time we have a question you promptly helped. Any changes in our policies were taken care of quickly, and last but not least when a family member who also has Merriam Insurance I was able to see first hand how you took care of them after losing their house to a fire.”
Robert S., customer since 2013

“The Merriam Agency obtained insurance to cover my classic Jaguar automobile at a most reasonable cost. The application process was seamless and the agency’s customer service is outstanding. The representatives are knowledgeable and they actually return phone calls. Can’t ask for much better.”
Vincent M., customer since 2017

“Very easy to deal with and were very accommodating when changes needed to be made close to our closing date.”
Customer since 2017

“You respond very quickly to claims that means a lot thank you.”
Thomas M., customer since 2012

“The level of customer service is excellent. You’re not a policy number to a corporation, you’re a part of the family.”
Customer since 2013

“You are easy to deal with. You make insurance personal. One does not feel like a number and the savings is excellent!”
Customer since 2012

“Merriam is very patient and helpful anytime we called or had questions to ask.”
Customer since 2014

“Excellent customer service, competitive pricing.”
Richard B., customer since 2015

“Excellent customer relations and prompt service.”
Customer since 2013

“Gretchen is very knowledgeable. She was eager to assist us in our decision re our insurance.”
Customer since 2016

“James is my rep. He is awesome and I trust him. I’ll always refer him. He has a passion for what he does.”
Nicholas D., customer since 2014

“Merriam has been very helpful with all the changes we had to make recently. They also worked hard at getting our rate down when our daughter took our car to college.”
Andrew R., customer since 2013

“Merriam Insurance is very attentive to their Customers’ needs.”
Customer since 2015

“It’s all in the customer service, responding to emails in a timely manner. Faxing the correct info out to DMV.”
Customer since 2013

“Both employees at the North Creek office are always friendly and do whatever they can to help me and save me money. Can’t ask for much more than that.”
Customer since 2013

“Always looking out for my best interest!”
Chad W., customer since 2015

“The price was right for the product I purchased.”
Customer since 2016

“Above and beyond friendly professional service. Small town charm.”
Customer since 2012

“i like doing business with friends.”
Customer since 2017

“Very responsive and conscientious support. Good insurers.”
Robin W., customer since 2017

“Merriam keeps on top my policies and lets me know of possible problems. Just keep doing what you are doing.”
Bernard P., customer since 2012

“Quick response to questions and problems. Creative in approach.”
Jeffrey F., customer since 2016

“Every time I have needed help with a claim or to update insurance it is always taken care of that day or the next.”
Customer since 2013

“The safe driving course is great. Very interesting and stimulating.”
David G., customer since 2012

“The Merriam Insurance Agency is very responsive.”
Customer since 2017

“Usually prompt service.”
Customer since 2014

“James is incredibly knowledgeable and very helpful. I’m happy he was recommended to me by a friend and I would gladly recommend him to anyone!”
Melinda L., customer since 2016

“Gretchen is always friendly and smiling. She makes you feel like your questions are important. She makes you feel like you are important and handles things quickly and efficiently.”
Michele F., customer since 2012

“The staff at the Merriam Agency is friendly and always willing to help customers with claims or prices. Thank you for providing excellent coverage and service!”
Kenneth D., customer since 2012

“James is the man! He is highly knowledgeable and extremely hard working. It made choosing the Merriam Agency very easy!”
Adam G., customer since 2014

“Whenever I’ve called with a question or coverage concern, everyone has been helpful.”
Customer since 2013

“Recommended good products. Merriam saved us money and are easy to work with.”
Julie M., customer since 2014

“Transitioning to a new company after 30 years was intimidating, but the folks at Merriam were very friendly and patient as they answered my many questions!”
Jennifer H., customer since 2017

“Merriam saved me money!”
Customer since 2014

“Merriam provided great customer service the staff is very friendly.”
Sharon R., customer since 2013

“Merriam was able to reduce our rates from other insurance company, and they provide excellent service.”
Customer since 2013

“Gretchen with Merriam is very professional, polite and processes changes instantly. I highly recommend using them!”
David M., customer since 2016

“Merriam is very helpful and professional.”
Customer since 2014

“My insurance rates through Merriam are reasonable.”
Customer since 2015

“It’s always pleasant when I meet with Merriam and they are very helpful in finding the right coverages for me.”
Elizabeth L., customer since 2012

“Personal attention and detailed follow through. Brian Merriam values his client’s needs as if they were his family’s. His business and associates reflect that dedication!”
John D., customer since 2013

“Meeting with our Board members to answer our questions, and to let us know what kind of coverage would work best at a time that was convenient for us was a big help.”
David D., customer since 2017

“I appreciate Merriam getting back to me when I have questions in a timely manner and answering my questions in a way that I can understand.”
Customer since 2016

“Merriam’s customer service is fast, accurate, and pleasant every time.”
Benjamin P., customer since 2015

“James Dick is the man! He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all of our needs.”
Adam G., customer since 2016

“Jennifer Holt and everyone at Merriam made renewing our Executive and Officers policy easy and cost effective! Their rates are great and their service is even better. Thanks again!”
Steve P., customer since 2016

“Every single time I have called or emailed (for whatever reason) I have gotten a prompt response and have been made to feel like family, like I matter. I know that Merriam will help in any way possible. If an individual can’t help, then they make sure someone else on the team can. I have not been neglected ever. Thank you so very much for being there for whatever we may need!”
Heather N., customer since 2015

“Merriam provides the customer with great service and ethics.”
Buddy M., customer since 2015

“I love working with Merriam! Very helpful and friendly!”
Melissa S., customer since 2016

“Excellent personal service from a very knowledgeable agency who cares that you have exactly the right product.”
Lawrence J., customer since 2015

“Starting a business was stressful enough as it was, but also to start looking for insurance could have been even more exhausting. However since the first day talking with James Dick to the present, Merriam Agency has gone way above my expectations. Any time I added employees, needed a COI, or had a question that relates to everyday business their staff has been there along the way. I would highly recommend this company to anybody, small or large. They strive to make sure my business is protected, and when I have a question they make sure I have the answer. Thanks for the great relationship and looking forward to the future with Merriam.”
Tyler B., customer since 2015

“The Merriam staff has always been very helpful and accommodating.”
Angela G., customer since 2015

“Our Merriam agent Gretchen is truly amazing!”
Customer since 2016

“Merriam provides quick and friendly service.”
Gene L., customer since 2017

“The team members at Merriam are very friendly and helpful people. They are also very prompt and knowledgeable when responding to questions.”
Susan N., customer since 2013

“The times I have called to change a policy, or even to ask a silly question, I have always been welcomed by an agent who is happy to help.”
Thomas W., customer since 2015

“Merriam has been a friendly, competent insurance company and has made my dealings with them painless. I really appreciate that. They always explain things in layman’s terms and instill confidence with their friendly nature. Merriam has been great!”
David B., customer since 2013

“I feel like the Merriam staff is on my side, which is a good feeling to have as life throws us a curve-ball.”
Andrew C., customer since 2015

“My personal preference is to keep all messages relating to the same topic on one email if possible. This makes it easier for me to go back and find attachments, etc. Overall, great job so far! I am looking forward to continue working with Gret and Merriam Insurance.”
David S., customer since 2017

“Great People, Great Service!”
Aaron G., customer since 2012

“Merriam was so easy to talk to and made the nightmare of finding insurance feel more controllable and possible. I really trusted the Merriam team and I didn’t feel talked down to if I didn’t know something.”
Jenna H., customer since 2016

“The Merriam team made me feel like I was their only customer and never left me ‘hanging’.”
Customer since 2017

“We appreciate the complete analysis of each insurable interest that we have requested Merriam to quote. We were not obligated to accept the complete proposal but did fully know our options. The notebook with all of our insurance policies in one file has been beneficial in knowing and understanding our insurance coverage.”
Barry B., customer since 2015

“The Merriam Agency is always willing to help with what ever I need.”
Patty T., customer since 2014

“Merriam always provides what I need, answers my questions and displays a genuine concern for my needs.”
Paul G., customer since 2012

“Gretchen and Sharon have always gone above and beyond for me!”
Brandi B., customer since 2014

“The Merriam Agency has been very proactive in finding us the best price and coverage. Thanks!”
—Patricia P., customer since 2014

“Josh has always been there for us and I appreciate his availability and timely responses. Everyone on staff at Merriam are always friendly and very helpful.”
Dona W., customer since 2014

“A huge thank you to Josh Crowder our primary contact at the Merriam Agency. Josh has been very helpful to our organization in helping us getting not only the correct policy that we needed for our Non Profit organization, but also helping us select the right carrier/provider for our policy as well. Josh has also been very helpful to us with contacting us for any continued changes and or updates that we may need. We greatly appreciate the Merriam Agency and Josh Crowder in particular for all his help and efforts and will continue to do business with The Merriam Agency in the future. Thanks again!”
—Gordon A., customer since 2016

“I appreciate the personal service and ability to check with multiple insurance companies to compare policies and rates.”
—Customer since 2012

“I can’t say enough about how positive my experience with the Merriam Agency has been. After the unexpected death of my husband, I became responsible for making all financial decisions alone. I knew we had been paying too much for auto and home insurance, so I requested quotes online. I was overwhelmed with offers that were far too many to sort through. Given everything else I was dealing with, I couldn’t possibly do a good job of comparison shopping. Everyone on the Merriam team who assisted me has been awesome at helping me secure the coverage I needed at a great price.”
Mary O’Keeffe, Niskayuna, NY

“It is always a pleasure to deal with the Merriam Agency. I know that certain clients can be very demanding and high maintenance, and fortunately for me the agency is extremely efficient at what you do. If it weren’t for the Merriam Agency my insurance needs would never be fulfilled. I thank you and appreciate you for all your efforts and kindness in handling my insurance needs.”
Alexander D. Phillips, Esq., Island Abstract Inc.

“The Merriam Agency has been professional and thorough in all of their interactions with us. We were able to reduce our budget significantly while maintaining the same level of health insurance coverage as before. Thank you, again, for the excellent service you provide.”
Rev. N. Bradley Jones, Christ Church

“We are extremely pleased with the insurance coverage and service that the Merriam Agency has brought to our table. The high level of customer service that the employees of the Merriam Agency practice is incomparable. They have the ability to research, design, and implement innovative programs and services and listen carefully and always with empathy.”
Rosemary A. Taylor, YWCA

“I want to thank you for the work you and your staff have done to provide our mission with an excellent insurance portfolio. The coverage you obtained for us is not only more applicable than what we had, but provides more coverage at a much lower cost. Our only regret is that we did not come to you years ago.”
John E. Bryan III, Brother Bryan Mission

“In times when great customer service is expected, it is seldom presented or embraced. Merriam Insurance is the exception. Any agent can sell me a policy, however you sold me your business and proved to me that Merriam will be there for me at all times.”
Cheryl Blais, The Maples at Warner

“We absolutely love dealing with everyone at Merriam. I feel like our move to you guys was the best decision we have ever made.”
Nelson Goucher, The Kingsway Baptist Church

“Through an exhaustive effort, the professional liability management went above and beyond what was normally expected, in finding an insurer that met our needs, without which, our agency could not continue to conduct business.”
Stephen Thompson, Thompson Land Services, Inc.

“I have been on thousands of appointments with agents and their clients. It’s not often that I have been with agents who are as knowledgeable, personable and professional. Thank you for the service you provide.”
Bill Simms, Pueblo Rescue Mission

“This was the best organizational decision I’ve made all year! Our coverage and premiums have greatly improved. The greatest benefit, however, is having someone to call when I have questions.”
Ronald Mackey, Camp Director, Deerfoot Lodge

“The professionals at Merriam Insurance have been my go to experts for E&O coverage, for over 10 years! They give great response time and they are fantastic at what they do!”
Joseph DePietro, The Security Title Guarantee Corp. of Baltimore

“I would like to commend you on the way you helped me navigate the confusing arena of insurance. Your patience and clear explanations quickly sold me on Merriam Insurance. Without a doubt my best experience dealing with the insurance industry. Keep up the great work!”
Nick Ringger, Alaska Bible College

“Our relationship with The Merriam Agency is a special one, in that it goes well beyond that of a typical business relationship. We view The Merriam Agency as both a friend and a partner in ministry with Grace Fellowship. The Merriam Agency has consistently demonstrated a genuine sense of care and concern for Grace Fellowship as it relates to managing risk and ensuring adequate, but not excessive, insurance coverage.”
Bill Minchin, Pastor of Business Administration

“My sincere thanks for helping me out with the documents needed to renew our Beer and Wine license. I am touched by your efficiency, your alacrity, your propensity and your sincerity. These have become obsolete terms confined to the pages of a dictionary. You bring them to life.”
M.A. Waheed, Taj Mahal Restaurant

“A huge thank you to the Merriam Agency. They have been very helpful to our organization in helping us getting not only the correct policy that we needed for our Non Profit organization, but also helping us select the right carrier/provider for our policy as well. Merriam has also been very helpful to us with contacting us for any continued changes and or updates that we may need. We greatly appreciate the Merriam Agency for all their help and efforts and will continue to do business with them in the future. Thanks again.”
Gordon Austin, President, Claridon Community Helps Inc.

“Merriam has always been there for us and we appreciate their availability and timely responses. Everyone on staff at Merriam are always friendly and very helpful.”
Dona Williams

“Thank you for your wonderful customer service. I own a small startup, which means I work 15 hour days and don’t have time to travel or do extra research. Merriam made everything so easy and accommodated my busy schedule. You treat your customers with the same attentiveness and care with which I treat mine. When I saw this in you, I knew I had found the right agency.”
Celina Ottaway, Celina’s Kitchen

“Prior to finding the Merriam Agency, I was dissatisfied with the insurance we had for His Mansion Ministries (a Christ-centered discipleship community). Our insurance broker did not understand our business, nor did his insurance products adequately meet our needs.
I found Merriam Insurance through the Trinity/HPSI directory. I called them and almost immediately felt they understood what our ministry does and what our insurance needs are. Merriam has both a wealth of knowledge and the skills to practically apply this knowledge. They are very responsive to all my questions and concerns and are personable and encouraging. They go above and beyond the call of duty.
The insurance package we ended up with is tremendous: it fully covers us, has numerous additional benefits and has saved us a considerable amount of money.  I have such a sense of peace as well as the assurance that we are now far better insured.
I wholeheartedly recommend the Merriam Agency.”
Bill Kurtenbach, His Mansion Ministries, Deering, NH


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