Small Business Day at the Capital

Josh Crowder, Operations Manager, represented The Merriam Insurance Agency at the Capital in Albany on Tuesday, March 8th.  Crowder joined the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) in giving some perspective – as an insurance producer for a small agency—on the ever-increasing cost of doing business in New York.

Relevant topics included: the minimum wage increase, FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), and their impacts on small businesses and community outreach, in particular.

Here are a few disconcerting possibilities:

  • Small businesses will struggle or become unable to keep quality employees.
  • There will be a decrease in community outreach programs.
  • The FMLA will especially put strain on employers’ capacity to employ enough people to cover the positions of those on leave and beyond.
  • Inflation will skyrocket.
  • Workers’ compensation will take a hit.

These, and many more, are reasons to alarm small businesses. These are the sort of issues that will not only impact small businesses, but society at large.  If passed, these laws will perpetuate a vicious cycle of lay-offs, budget cuts and anxiety amongst employees and employers alike.  If enough businesses and other opponents of these issues – such as Senator George Amedore, who was in attendance—speak up to shed light on the realities of these potential laws: change is possible.  We plan to do everything we can to advocate for changes that will benefit not only small businesses, but also the general public of New York.