Jenson Merriam Memorial Scholarship

Designed by the Merriam Insurance Agency and funded in part through employee contributions, the Jenson Merriam Memorial Scholarship is named in memory of Jenson Merriam (November 5, 1993–December 23, 2011). Jenson, a former SCCC student, was a gifted writer, illustrator and filmmaker. His passion for helping others will live on through each student who receives this award.

“I am a single father with bare minimum support for my 2-year-old daughter, and as such, the trials of being a single parent having to work full-time and maintain high academic performance at school can be a stressful task. Having this resource will help reduce financial stress and enable me to take extra courses. I thank you for believing in me and assisting me to become greater, giving me more resources to become an outstanding success. —Jenson E. Merriam Memorial Scholarship recipient

“I had hoped one day to open my own restaurant. But as we all know, sometimes life doesn’t happen the way we plan it to. This school was my opening to a better opportunity at life. Sometimes, with the world against you, it only takes one person to believe in you. I have been so very fortunate to have been given this opportunity by you.” —Jenson E. Merriam Memorial Scholarship recipient

“I was working dead end jobs for low wages barely making a living for myself and my three children. When I applied for this scholarship, I was sharing a book for one of my classes because I didn’t have enough money to purchase it on my own. I stay focused and determined to succeed with completing college so I can move into the workforce in a much better way. I am so grateful to receive this scholarship, which will help me pay for my books. I will be able to participate with all the class curricula and graduate, to have a fulfilling career for my children.” —Jenson E. Merriam Memorial Scholarship recipient

Your donation to the Jenson E. Merriam Memorial Scholarship will go towards endowing the scholarship, which will help keep Jenson’s memory alive by awarding a scholarship to at least one student every year in perpetuity.

The Jenson E. Merriam Memorial Scholarship was created by a dedicated community supporter, the Merriam Insurance Agency, and supports under-resourced students seeking degrees at SUNY SCCC.

“My son always took an interest in those who were not blessed as well as was he. Jenson would be very gratified to know that many students are able to complete their education as a result of the scholarship fund set up in his memory.” —Brian H. Merriam, Merriam Insurance Agency

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