Are You Prepared?

No matter how much we think we are in control of our lives and prepared, sometimes this could not be further from the truth.

I recently had a sudden and unexpected death in my family when my sister’s husband had a massive heart attack. I drove her to the hospital, was with her when she was given the news that he did not survive, and drove her home. The conversation was very disjointed, so I just let her talk. There were many thoughts going through her head, in no particular order of importance.

“How will the dog be when I have to leave her all day to go to work?”

“The EMS responders were wonderful. They worked so hard to save him. They did everything they possibly could.”

“I’m not ready for him to be gone.”

“I should have been better to him.
I should have been more patient.” 

“How are the kids going to take it?” 

“What am I going to do without his income?”

Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a loved one or any other disaster; however, we should all take time sooner, rather than later, to plan for the unexpected. Insurance is one of the things that is meant to aid you in the event of loss of life or property.

Are you prepared?

Gretchen Kirby
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