Wildlife in the Wild West

Within the first month of my move to Colorado in 2008, we saw enough bear activity to eliminate any need to visit bears at a zoo. We were living in the National Forest, about 8 miles from civilization, and it gave us a quick education in risk management amongst the“wilderness interface.” The first lesson was a bear routinely tearing the corrugated

Driving for RideShare?

Taking a taxi in a big city is a fairly easy task, though not always a pleasant experience. In smaller cities and towns, taxi services are not as prevalent for the convenience of a quick ride. A great solution and alternative to taxi services is the recent development of RideShare....

Are You Prepared?

No matter how much we think we are in control of our lives, sometimes this could not be further from the truth. I recently had a sudden and unexpected death in my family when my sister’s husband had a massive heart attack. I drove her to the hospital, was with...

The Bimmer that Burned

What I Learned When My Car Caught On Fire. I love BMW sedans made in the early 2000s. Growing up, I thought the 3-Series of that era were the most beautiful cars in the world.  Last summer, I saw a 5-speed on the car lot of one of our clients...

Leak Prevention

Attention to water leaks always gets the highest priority in my house. I would rather stop a leak than pay for damage caused by one. The most common leaks originate at roof openings for vent stacks, chimneys, skylights, or other similar items protruding through the surface. Grab a ladder, someone to cheer you on and go fix that leak.

When Good Intentions Go Bad

Human error is an inevitable part of doing business. Even the most thorough and conscientious employee will suffer from distraction or a momentary lapse in judgment. Such errors, intentional or not, cost valuable time and resources to correct, may alienate customers, and may hurt the trust teammates have in each other. A policy of dealing proactively with mistakes must permeate your organization. The ideal scenario is that a mistake be reported to a person who has the power to correct the issue before too much damage is done. This proactive attitude may include