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Allowing Safe Day-Use In Your Park

If you’ve invested resources to make your park a fun place, chances are that people will want to come visit! These visitors are not limited to your camping guests; friends of campers or members of your local community may want to come as well to swim in your pool, play...

Careful on the stairs!

Handrails to Prevent Lawsuits Several of the inns we serve are beautiful historic mansions. Many times the custom-built architecture from the past does not include a key component of inn safety – handrails on all of the steps. While this may seem like a small item, in the minds of insurance...


I just checked the forecast for Elk Camp this weekend. Snow Friday and Saturday. Brrr. But a little fresh snow makes chasing those tricksy elkses easier to find – in theory. This year, I’m hunting with two guys who have become great friends over the years. We weren’t able to...

Wildlife in the Wild West

Within the first month of my move to Colorado in 2008, we saw enough bear activity to eliminate any need to visit bears at a zoo. We were living in the National Forest, about 8 miles from civilization, and it gave us a quick education in risk management amongst the“wilderness interface.” The first lesson was a bear routinely tearing the corrugated

Driving for RideShare?

Jon Barron

Jon Barron

Branch Manager at Merriam Insurance Agency
For over 30 years, Jon has been a results-driven leader and entrepreneur. From work flow efficiency to customer service, the results improve the bottom line. As a risk management consultant and insurance broker, Jon identifies inefficiencies, gaps, and areas for cost-savings beyond the insurance policy... and it all contributes to your bottom line.

Branch Manager:
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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Jon Barron

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Taking a taxi in a big city is a fairly easy task, though not always a pleasant experience. In smaller cities and towns, taxi services are not as prevalent for the convenience of a quick ride. A great solution and alternative to taxi services is the recent development of RideShare....

How much Bodily Injury Liability Insurance Should I Purchase?

There is a maximum amount that any insurance company will spend on an accident that involves bodily injury (their “limit”), but the consumer, in fact, chooses what that amount will be. When deciding how high of a “limit” to purchase, it’s important to consider the fact that medical expenses from...

Merriam Insurance: A Family Legacy With a Desire to Help People 

In March of 2015, my father turned 91. He wrote the inset essay in 1936 when he was 12 years old and in the 6th grade. What strikes me about the topic of his paper is that he wrote about fires, which suggests that the reality of fire damage was...

Are You Prepared?

Gretchen Kirby

Gretchen Kirby

Branch Manager at Merriam Insurance Agency
Gretchen is a lifelong resident of Johnsburg and a graduate of Adirondack Community College with an Associates Degree in Accounting. She is the Branch Manager for The Merriam Insurance Agency in the village of North Creek. She is a licensed insurance broker, enabling her to better serve your insurance needs.
“Gret” is married, has one son, and two wonderful grandchildren. She enjoys cross country skiing and cross stitching.

Branch Manager
295 Main StNorth Creek, NY12853

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Gretchen Kirby

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No matter how much we think we are in control of our lives, sometimes this could not be further from the truth. I recently had a sudden and unexpected death in my family when my sister’s husband had a massive heart attack. I drove her to the hospital, was with...