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Health Benefits for Employer Groups

Experienced Counsel in an Unpredictable Market

Merriam Insurance has been advising businesses and employers on their insurances for over 100 years. While health benefits insurance rates for groups of employees under 100 may not change, there are several reasons to experience the Merriam Insurance difference.

  • Personalized customer service, from a team of experts. You will have the opportunity to meet your representative, who will work with you year-round.
  • HR Support Subscription. Merriam Insurance subscribes to a convenient and easy-to-use resource where one can research IRS compliance, changes in regulations that affect you, and HR support.
  • FSA/HSA/HRA Services. We partner to provide the services you need to offer your employees a robust offering that fits their pre-tax healthcare funding needs.

Our Employee Benefits team works with each of our health insurance groups throughout each phase of the health insurance process. This includes:

  • In-person meetings, in advance of open enrollment to discuss plan options.
  • Advice on meeting your employees’ needs through Dental, Vision, Life, and Accident policies.
  • In-person discussion of FSA, HSA, or HRA offerings to help your benefits run seamlessly.
  • In-person support at open enrollment, to answer your employee’s questions and assist them.
  • Year-round support, by phone, email, or in person, to quickly resolve any issues you or your employees have with your health insurance or benefits.

Contact Merriam Insurance at your convenience to get an introduction to our award-winning expertise and service.

Looking for a Medicare Supplement? We are happy to help our clients in choosing the plan that is right for them. Click here for more information.

Flexible Spending, Health Reimbursement, and Health Savings Accounts

In addition to affordable benefits, Merriam also offers Flexible SpendingHealth Reimbursement and Health Savings Accounts, to better manage your out-of-pocket expenses.

Save up to 40% on expenses not normally covered by a regular health plan, such as:

  • Medical Co-pays and deductibles
  • Prescription Drug Co-pays
  • Vision
  • Parking & Transit expenses
  • Dependent Care

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC or LTCI), is an insurance product which helps provide for the cost of Long-Term Care beyond a predetermined period. Long-Term Care Insurance covers care that is generally not covered by regular health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. Click here to find out more information or to apply.

You deserve to know if you are getting the coverage you need. Contact us anytime to find out, as well as obtain a FREE no obligation quote! We would be delighted to speak with you about any of our health insurance offerings.