Renters Insurance

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Your landlord may have property insurance, but their coverage doesn’t apply to your belongings or cover you when an incident occurs. Without Renters Insurance, you run the risk of paying for lost or damaged items out-of-pocket.

Renters Insurance Coverage for the Real World

Here are a few common scenarios where a renters policy can be of use to you.

  • Upon returning home, you discover that your place was broken into and a number of items are now missing. Personal Property coverage may help you replace your stolen property.
  • During a party at your place, someone falls and breaks their wrist. Liability coverage will protect you from any legal claim this person may bring against you.
  • A pipe bursts in your apartment and it becomes unlivable. Additional Living Expenses coverage will pay for temporary lodging while the apartment is repaired.

Remember, the more insurance you purchase with the same insurance company the more discounts you may receive. There are many discounts for which our clients may be eligible. Be a smart and efficient insurance consumer, and contact a Merriam representative today to determine how bundling will work best for you.