• Customized Package available to
    accommodate E&O, Fidelity and
    Cyber Insurance needs.
  • Broad Policy Forms
  • Long Term Policyholder Credit

Introducing the Title Industry Protector

Over the last twenty years we have seen many changes in the title E&O marketplace. As an independent insurance broker, we have worked with many different carriers to find the best product for our clients. As companies entered and exited the market, we found different nuances in policy forms that offered increased value to our policyholders. With this knowledge, and the recognition of a need for a stable market, we have devoted a great deal of time to developing our signature product for the title industry. Title Industry Protector is a new suite of coverages that incorporates the best practice essentials that every title professional should have.

Product offerings

The lead product offering with the Title Industry Protector is the E&O (Professional Liability), which includes coverage for independent contractors. There are additional coverage options for fidelity, which extend protection for owners as employees, and a cyber liability option available with coverage up to $1,000,000. With our combined application form, we are able to quote all of these lines of business within our own office. Our role as your broker has been expanded to include in-house underwriting authority as a cover holder with Lloyds of London. By doing this, we are able to provide you with faster turnaround time for quotes, policy issuance, and endorsements.

Underwriting flexibility

The policies that we will be writing with this new program will be done so, on a non-admitted basis. This allows us greater flexibility with pricing and underwriting guidelines. All claims will be reported to, and monitored by our offices. In order to ensure the success of this program, our involvement in the claims process is crucial. Unlike any other policy available, there will be a deductible credit applied to policies that remain claim free for five years.

The creation of this program is the result of many years of research, understanding and experience. We are excited to be able to provide this comprehensive program for your protection!

Jennifer Holt, ACSR
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