Loyalty and Longevity, Featured Client: Gifford Abstract

Gifford Abstract, founded in 1929 and located in downtown Schenectady, NY, has been a client of The Merriam Agency for over 20 years. We had the opportunity to interview Tom Gifford, who, like his father and grandfather before him, has learned to successfully run the business. In addition, we chose to feature Tom because he is our first E&O client written in our new Title Industry Protectors (TIPs) National Insurance program — and for good reason!  Here’s what he had to say:

M: What benefits have you seen from our long-standing business relationship?
G: My dream insurance company is one I don’t have to talk to very often. 
I love that! E&O insurance is hard to get. This local agency has made my experience smooth and kept it that way. It seems like it is a fight every year to get the best policy at the best price. Merriam does the fighting for me and I like it that way. I’ve had other solicitations from other people about this kind of insurance, but I find I’m well off here.

M: What value do you see in having one agent with the expertise to provide professional liability insurance needs and all other lines of business?
G: It’s always easier to deal with just one person instead of two or more.  Although, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have an alternative on occasion, I can’t say I need to. I’m completely loyal, as long as I continue to get really good service.

M: Would you say you get good service now?
G: Oh, yes.

M: How is the real estate market in our area currently affecting your business?
G: We’re working our tails off. It’s been picking up a lot and there’s always something to do the next day.

M: Does the E&O renewal process make you nervous or uneasy?
G: Because of the fact we hear it’s hard to get, sometimes people can’t get it at all, I’m a little nervous when I get the renewal notice. So far, we haven’t had any cause to be nervous because you guys have taken care of it.

That’s not all! We found that, ever since Tom chose Merriam for his E&O Insurance under our new TIPs program, his receipts went up 5%, yet his premium went down 5%. That’s really great! We are on your side when it comes to your coverage, your premiums and protecting your business; and we have all of the best resources to do so!

Jennifer Holt, ACSR

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