Bill Simms, Pueblo Rescue Mission

“I have been on thousands of appointments with agents and their clients. It’s not often that I have been with agents who are as knowledgeable, personable and professional. Thank you for the service you provide.”

Ronald Mackey, Camp Director, Deerfoot Lodge

“This was the best organizational decision I’ve made all year! Our coverage and premiums have greatly improved. The greatest benefit, however, is having someone to call when I have questions.”

Nick Ringger, Alaska Bible College

“I would like to commend you on the way you helped me navigate the confusing arena of insurance. Your patience and clear explanations quickly sold me on Merriam Insurance. Without a doubt my best experience dealing with the insurance industry. Keep up the great work!”

Bill Minchin, Pastor of Business Administration

“Our relationship with The Merriam Agency is a special one, in that it goes well beyond that of a typical business relationship. We view The Merriam Agency as both a friend and a partner in ministry with Grace Fellowship. The Merriam Agency has consistency demonstrated a genuine sense of care...

M.A. Waheed, Taj Mahal Restaurant

“My sincere thanks for helping me out with the documents needed to renew our Beer and Wine license. I am touched by your efficiency, your alacrity, your propensity and your sincerity. These have become obsolete terms confined to the pages of a dictionary. You bring them to life.”

Gordon Austin, President, Claridon Community Helps Inc.

“A huge thank you to the Merriam Agency. They have been very helpful to our organization in helping us getting not only the correct policy that we needed for our Non Profit organization, but also helping us select the right carrier/provider for our policy as well. Merriam has also been very helpful...

Dona Williams

“Merriam has always been there for us and we appreciate their availability and timely responses. Everyone on staff at Merriam are always friendly and very helpful.”

Celina Ottaway, Celina’s Kitchen

“Thank you for your wonderful customer service. I own a small startup, which means I work 15 hour days and don’t have time to travel or do extra research. Merriam made everything so easy and accommodated my busy schedule. You treat your customers with the same attentiveness and care with...

Bill Kurtenbach, His Mansion Ministries, Deering, NH

“Prior to finding the Merriam Agency, I was dissatisfied with the insurance we had for His Mansion Ministries (a Christ-centered discipleship community). Our insurance broker did not understand our business, nor did his insurance products adequately meet our needs. I found Merriam Insurance through the Trinity/HPSI directory. I called them...